Acclaimed new Irish play “Jimmy Titanic” to benefit Melrose Education Foundation, March 1, 2014

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Jimmy Titanic
Saturday, March 1, 2014

7:30 pm | One Night Only

Tickets $20 (all sales via our website benefit the Melrose Ed Foundation)

Ticket sales now closed; contact with questions.

The Davis Square Theatre
255 Elm St.
Somerville, MA


“God and Gabriel are just two of some 20 delightfully outrageous characters — all portrayed by Colin Hamell — in Bernard McMullan’s darkly funny “Jimmy Titanic.”

Boston Globe

Jimmy Titanic | a Tir Na Theatre Production

Written by Bernard McMullan | Directed by Carmel O’Reilly | Featuring Colin Hamell

The play’s Jimmy Boylan and Tommy Mackey are Belfast shipyard workers who signed on for the maiden voyage of the ship they helped to build. Shipbuilding was their lives. Building the Titanic meant everything to Belfast.

Having gone down with the ship on April 14th, 1912, Jimmy has rock star status in heaven with a direct line to an unlikely God. Jimmy Titanic is a unique, and, at times, hilarious take on the story of the greatest ship ever built.

Set between Heaven and the ship, Jimmy Titanic follows the story of the two Belfast shipyard workers and the mélange of characters who Hamell brings to life masterfully, switching “effortlessly from comedy to drama,” says Boston Edge.

Among the characters Hamell plays are a chain-smoking God; a swindling Archangel Gabrielle; wealthy first-class passengers and the immigrants traveling below them in steerage; and the Belfast mayor desperate to protect the reputation of Belfast workmanship as well as the local economy.

“The title ‘Jimmy Titanic’ is a reminder that most of the nearly 1,500 passengers who went down with the ship were not the Astors and Guggenheims but the crew members and poor emigrants looking for a better life in America.”

Boston Globe

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What the Critics Say

Boston Metro “Hamell’s characters are all consistently masterful storytellers. Be prepared to laugh out loud one minute, while choking back tears the next.” “Belfast playwright Bernard McMullan, like all good Irish writers, was able to find the humour at the bottom of the pit of sadness — and craft a story that….you likely haven’t heard.”

Boston Edge “Colin Hamell switches effortlessly from comedy to drama….This is the work of a virtuoso.”

New York, Woman about Town “A remarkable piece of pared down theatre manages to entertain, inform, move, and comment from a completely original point of view….. Scenes that make one shudder are balanced by those with wicked humour.”


About the Play

Jimmy Titanic, produced by the Tir Na Theatre company from Boston, premiered in 2012 at the Drilling Company Theatre in New York as part of the 1st Irish Theatre festival. Since then, it has had successful runs in Boston, Philadelphia, and Belfast. Jimmy Titanic returns to Boston’s Davis Square Theatre in February, before runs in Dublin and New York in March and April.

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“Playwright Bernard McMullan has given us a well-researched, wholly persuasive piece without ever succumbing to the exaggerated tugging of Hallmark heartstrings.”


About The Davis Square Theatre

The Davis Square Theatre (formerly Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theater), is located in the heart of Davis Square — a few blocks from the Davis Square T, situated between Foundry-on-Elm and The Burren, at 255 Elm Street, Somerville MA. The intimate, comfortable 150 seat venue has been updated with a brand new bar, PA system and theater lighting.

Seating is first-come, first-served, so arrive early!