Flocking Facts

What are the dates of the fundraiser? The Join the Flock fundraiser is scheduled to begin on Sunday, April 9 and new flocking orders will be accepted until Sunday, April 23. The birds are scheduled to begin landing on lawns Monday, April 24.

When will the flamingos arrive? Will I be notified? Flamingos are scheduled to land on Melrose lawns starting Monday, April 24 for approximately 7-10 days. Flockings are organized by neighborhood and not by when the order was placed. You will receive an email the morning your flock is scheduled to arrive at its destination.

Where are the flamingos placed? The flamingos will be placed on front lawns unless a special location is designated on the order form. Please note; we want to ensure the safety of our volunteers, so please let us know if there is a dog, etc.

Can I request that they arrive on a specific date? Yes, you can and we will try our best to accommodate the request. You will be notified in advance if we are unable to do so.

Can I send a flock for someone’s birthday? Yes! New this year is the option to send a birthday flock. For an additional $15, the recipient will receive a celebratory flock containing a specially decorated birthday flamingo. Simply check the “Birthday Flock decoration” box on the order form. Please note, the date you request, will be the date the recipient will wake up and discover the flocks.

My order was delivered to the wrong house, now what? Oh no, our volunteers do their best to make sure the flamingos arrive at the correct lawns, but sometimes mistakes are made. Email us at info@melroseedfoundation.org and after confirming the mix-up, we will arrange to send the flock to the correct location.

The person I flocked was not home, can you re-do it? We are sorry the recipient was not home to discover the flock. If that happens, we will re-deliver the flock at our earliest convenience.

What is “Flock the Block” and how do I participate? Imagine waking up to flamingos on every lawn on your block. Sounds like fun, right? If you and your friends order four flocks on the same street, we will add a free flock and coordinate the deliveries for the same night. Simply check the “Flock the Block” box on the order form and include the name of your street/block.

Will you tell me who flocked me? Only if you ask! If you send an email to info@melroseedfoundation.org, we’ll happily tell you who sent the flamingos.

Who does the flocking? Board members, committee members and friends of the Foundation volunteer their time to deliver the flamingos. If you are interested in helping, fill out the volunteer form and someone will contact you.