Flocking season has ended. Thanks for your support!

By on September 19, 2014

We can no longer accept new orders; however, we will continue to place previously ordered flocks onto lawns until October 23, 2014.

How It Works
flamingosFor a small, tax-deductible donation, you can send a flock of flamingos to a friend, a neighbor, or your own yard. Then one night in October a flock of pink flamingos will appear on your lawn-of-choice and remain there for 24 hours. The flock will carry with them an explanation of the fundraiser, giving the homeowner a chance to flock another friend.

Please place your order before October 10th. Flocks will land between October 5 and 23. Lawns must be within Melrose city limits and cannot be part of public property or apartment complexes.

Shhhhhh! It’s a Surprise!

Remember the fun of this fundraiser is in the surprise of finding a flock of pink flamingos on your lawn. So don’t tell your friends they’ve been flocked!