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Foundation MYSTERY Night Out

Our first every Mystery Night Out was a tremendous success and we raised a record amount of funds for our Melrose Public School Educators. Thanks to all for joining in on the fun and ensuring the success of the Melrose Ed Foundation. Thanks to our generous sponsors — Alison Socha and Linda O, The Agent Expertise Team at RE/MAX Leading Edge — and our wonderful hosts.

Stay Tuned for Future Events! 

Annual Year-End Appeal, December 2017

At Parent University, many of you attended sessions on social-emotional learning, restorative justice and bridging divides in our schools and communities. We got great feedback on those sessions. If you believe that more of that work needs to be done in our classrooms — at all grade levels, in an age-appropriate way — then please support our Major Initiatives Fund. Educators want to do more and are asking for additional resources and training right now. This Fund can provide immediate support, as it did last year for the implementation of the K-5 science curriculum, now in use in all five elementary schools. Read the full appeal letter HERE. And see HERE for a related article on the benefits of this work to all students. Thank you for your generosity!

In December of 2015, we launched our first ever annual appeal for the establishment of the Major Initiatives Fund. And you responded with generosity characteristic of this community, donating over $6,000. This enabled a major contribution to the Melrose Public School District to support the purchase and implementation of a new K-5 science curriculum, which is currently in use in all five elementary schools.

This year’s fund will expand important work in all schools on restorative justice, cultural competency and talking across differences. These initiatives are essential to a safe and supportive school environment for all students and to building skills for productive dialogue and civic engagement. While important work has begun, including some professional development, educators see a growing need for more resources, materials and training.

Between now and the end of the calendar year, our goal is to match or exceed the $6,000 raised last year. As you plan your year-end charitable giving, we hope that you will consider making a gift at a leadership level of $250 or $100. You can donate here.

The Pink Flamingos Are Coming! | Spring, 2018

For a small, tax-deductible donation, one of your friends or neighbors in Melrose might have flocked your yard! The flock will remain on your lawn for 24 hours and carry with it an explanation of the fundraiser. You’ll have to wait until next year to get your friend back!

  • For your tax-deductible donation, you can send a flock of flamingos to a friend or neighbor in Melrose . . . or to your own yard! The flock will land on the lawn and remain there for 24 hours.
  • You may send a half-a-flock ($25 for 6), full flock ($50 for 12 — looks great in front yard!), or jumbo flock ($100 for 24).
  • Want to flock a block? If you and your friends order four flocks in the same neighborhood, we will add a free flock and coordinate the deliveries for the same night! Be sure to check the box on the “flock the block” box on the flocking form.
  • Is it someone’s birthday? You can send a special birthday flock! Just check the box.

Got questions? Read our Flocking Facts.