Grant Application


Due to overwhelming interest in our rolling mini-grant round, we have suspended applications for now. If you have already applied, we are still reviewing your application and will be issuing decisions within the next two weeks. Thank you for applying; we are encouraged by the strong interest from so many educators. For those who are interested in applying but who have not yet done so, we may reopen this round in the coming weeks.

How and When to Apply

  • If you’d like to craft your spring grant responses before submitting, you can do so with the Spring Mini-Grant Application Worksheet. When fall rolls around, you can do the same using the Fall Application Worksheet. You can then copy and paste your responses into the online application.
  • View the guidelines on this page as well as the rubrics and writing tips for more information about applying.
  • Also, review this sample application, which met our criteria and was funded in 2014. This is one good example of the many we received!

Application Guidelines & Requirements

Applicants must communicate how this grant proposal will:

  • Impact a significant number of students
  • Align to district, school, and curriculum goals of the Melrose Public Schools
  • Encourage excellence and innovation in teaching and learning
  • Promote creativity and multidisciplinary learning
  • Be shared within professional learning communities across the district
  • Consider the needs of all learners, and specify what types of students will be affected
  • Have a sustainable impact beyond the initial implementation
  • Clearly state intended outcomes and how they will be measured

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Involve teams of teachers or collaborative groups
  • Directly impact a large number of students in the classroom
  • Demonstrate how knowledge gained through the grant is readily transferred to colleagues and is sustainable over time (for example, how training and subsequent projects might be repeated without significant additional funding)


  • Applicants must be Melrose Public School employees.
  • Only applications submitted on time via the online application will be considered.
  • Application must include a timeline for completion.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Recipients will be required to collaborate with MPS administration, the City of Melrose, and/or the Melrose Education Foundation to report on, showcase, or publicize the grant.
  • Grant recipients must submit all required purchase orders and/or invoices, which will be paid by the City of Melrose or by the Melrose Education Foundation.
  • Please review these application guidelines and scoring rubric before submitting your application.

What the Melrose Education Foundation grants will and will not fund:

Will Fund:

Will Not Fund:

Training materials

Routine classroom materials

Training, conference, class fees


Guest speakers for students and/or teachers


Consultant fees

Resources for professional study

Technology necessary to implement innovations

Classroom materials necessary to implement project-based learning that are above/beyond routine supplies

Substitute teaching coverage for PD days, if necessary and reasonable