Have a “Titanic” Experience for a Worthy Cause on March 1 at The Davis Square Theatre

By on February 2, 2014

Special performance of new Irish play Jimmy Titanic to benefit Melrose Education Foundation

MELROSE (February 3, 2014) – Calling all theatre, history, and Irish culture buffs: Come experience the story of the Titanic like you never have before!

Tir Na Theatre’s Jimmy Titanic, an Irish take on the building – and sinking of – “the wonder ship” is staging a special performance at The Davis Square Theatre in Somerville on Saturday, March 1 to benefit the Melrose Education Foundation. Tickets for the play are $20, and all proceeds will benefit the Foundation’s grants program for Melrose educators.

Jimmy Titanic is a unique and, at times, hilarious take on the story of the greatest ship ever built, peppered with historical facts you haven’t heard. Having gone down with the ship he helped to build in a Belfast shipyard, the play’s Jimmy Boylan has rock star status in heaven and a direct line to an unlikely God. The play is performed as a fast-paced, one-man show with actor Colin Hamell playing more than twenty different roles, including a chain-smoking God; a swindling Archangel Gabrielle; wealthy first-class passengers and the immigrants traveling below them in steerage; and the Belfast mayor desperate to protect the reputation of Belfast workmanship and the local economy.
Set between Heaven and the ship, Jimmy Titanic follows the story of Jimmy and a mix of other characters who Hamell brings to life masterfully, switching “effortlessly from comedy to drama,” says Boston Edge.
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“I’m happy to support the Melrose Education Foundation and its mission of supporting educators, including arts educators,” said Colin Hamell, artistic director of Tir Na Theatre and star of the show. Hamell’s wife is a public school teacher and he has family in the Melrose public school district.

“We’re thrilled by the generosity of Tir Na Theatre for donating proceeds of the March 1 performance to our Foundation,” said Foundation Board Member Elizabeth Christopher, who saw the play last year during its inaugural run. “I was completely absorbed not only by the powerful performance but by the historical details about everything from the people who built and travelled on the ship to the publicity about its sinking,” she said.

Produced by Boston’s Tir Na Theatre company, Jimmy Titanic premiered in 2012 in New York and has run in Boston, Philadelphia, and Belfast. It is set to run in Dublin and New York this spring.

Order your tickets today to the March 1 performance of Jimmy Titanic to benefit the Melrose Education Foundation.