Melrose Public School teachers have great ideas and now they have another place to turn to put those new ideas into practice: the Melrose Education Foundation.

Applying for Grants

Educators in the Melrose Public Schools can apply for Melrose Education Foundation grants each fall (October/November) and spring (March/April) to pay for professional development (PD) opportunities, project-based learning initiatives, guest speakers, and other classroom programs that foster innovative practices that directly impact student learning.

Supporting Bright Ideas

The goal of Melrose Education Foundation grants is to advance the curriculum objectives of the Melrose Public School District and promote excellence, academic rigor, and creativity in teaching and learning.

What do you envision for the Melrose Public Schools?

  • A botany garden for hands-on learning in biology and environmental science classes?
  • A living language lab that allows students to practice their foreign language skills?
  • Scientists, engineers, architects, and authors in the classroom bringing learning to life?
  • Educators empowered with the funding to pursue new project-based learning for hands-on experiences in the classroom?
  • Students exploring solutions to today’s environmental or social problems through hands-on activities and group projects?
  • Engaging guest speakers that inspire teachers and offer practical strategies for advancing teaching and learning?

The Melrose Education Foundation envisions a community mobilized in support of a high-performing, innovative school district that engages all students, empowers educators to try bold, new ideas, and creates a student body that makes a difference in an ever-changing world.

Please note: In connection with the Melrose Education Foundation’s fall grant cycles, the Foundation serves as the administrator of $10,000 in City of Melrose Innovation Grant funds, and such administration will, at all times, be subject to the review, authorization, and approval of the Mayor of the City of Melrose, or his designee.