Today’s students will graduate into a world of unimagined innovations and challenges. To help them thrive in the 21st century, our schools must create the space for educators to test new ideas and students to flex creative muscle. The Melrose Education Foundation creates that space by funding pilot programs and new initiatives through private financial support.

The Melrose Education Foundation supports innovation and excellence in our public schools. Working collaboratively with the Melrose Public Schools, the Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all students in the district.

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises private funds to provide grants to pay for initiatives that will enrich curriculum and offer opportunities that are beyond the reach of the district’s budget.

By empowering educators to pursue and explore their ideas for inspiring students and improving classroom learning, The Foundation is committed to creativity and innovation in education while remaining attentive to the changing needs of the district.


The Melrose Education Foundation will award grants that:

  • Promote excellence, rigor, and innovation in teaching and learning
  • Enhance the strategic plan and curriculum goals of the Melrose Public School district
  • Encourage collaboration, creativity, and multidisciplinary learning
  • Are driven by educators
  • Consider the needs of all learners
  • Provide opportunity across the district (pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school)
  • Can be replicated across grades and schools

The Foundation also will advance its mission by convening stakeholders throughout Melrose to share ideas and information about education and related topics.


The Melrose Education Foundation envisions a community mobilized in support of a high-performing, innovative, school district that engages all students, empowers educators to try bold, new ideas, and creates a student body that makes a difference in an ever-changing world.