Parent University Workshop Summaries

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Collaborative Problem Solving

Target Audience: All

Tired of the “carrot or stick” method to overcoming obstacles with kids? Looking for ways to work with your child to solve problems in a durable way? Then come check out Collaborative Problem Solving! Learn how to help children (and even other adults!) develop skills that work towards more peaceful partnerships in your home and beyond.

Presenter: Jill Tully, Instructional Coach, Melrose Public Schools

College Admissions and Financing

Target Audience: Grades 9 – 12

The college application process can be overwhelming for high school juniors and seniors, as well as their families. This seminar provides an overview of the entire process, including current trends in admissions, how to build a college list, the various components of the college application, and financial aid.

Presenter: Jeff Bentley, Invite Education

Early College Planning and Saving

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 12

College is an investment, and it’s important to start planning and saving for it as soon as you can. Though it’s never too late to begin saving, there are certainly advantages to starting early on in your child’s life. This workshop will discuss college savings options, tips, and strategies. We will also provide resources to help you at each stage of your student’s life.

Presenter: Jeff Bentley, Invite Education

Find your voice: effective grassroots engagement

Target Audience: Prek – 12

Ever wondered how certain decisions get made, or where to go with a great idea you have? Come learn how others have made a positive difference in our community, both by taking an idea and making a change positively, and by volunteering their time to lead – or just to help. Learn more about what the School Committee does, which decisions lie with the City, the Superintendent, and the principals. If you have a criticism or problem with a policy or decision, where do you go? This presentation will help support your civic engagement — and civic engagement is necessary!

Presenters: Ed O’Connell, Melrose School Committee,  Jenny Corduck, Principal, Lincoln School, Rebecca Interbartolo, Roosevelt School parent and volunteer

Google Ed for Parents

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 12

Google Classroom is an educational tool which provides a virtual classroom space for both students and teachers to manage assignments and collaborate digitally. Google Classroom is increasingly being used in the Melrose Public School system as well as many others. This class will give parents a primer on how these Google education tools work and an increased understanding of the virtual classroom their children are taking part in. Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their child’s log in information in order to take part in all aspects of the demonstration.

Presenter: Josh Dick, SDM Foundation

Melrose Public Schools — a Student Perspective

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 8

As a community we are all invested in the success of our schools. Our students themselves can often provide unique insights into what school means to them, which opportunities resonate as important learning experiences, and what we as a community and their parents can do to best support them.

Melrose High School has a diverse student body with a variety of interests, aspirations, and passions. Come and hear perspectives from current MHS students as they reflect on their journey though school. Each student will discuss a specific area of interest; there will also be time to ask questions about the Melrose High School experience.

Presenters: MHS Students

Maribeth Darwin, MHS PTO President

Mindfulness and Resilience for Teens

Target Audience: Grades 6-12

Teens are the most stressed group in our country, surpassing even adults. Mindfulness can help reduce toxic stress, lessen anxiety, improve resilience and strengthen the ‘protective factors’ that help kids make good choices. This session will touch on the whys and hows of mindfulness with teens, as well as how mindfulness can help parents of teens with parenting and the ever-difficult process of letting go.

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Willard, PsyD

Mindfulness and Resilience for Kids

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 5

Mindfulness can help kids learn to slow down in a world with an ever increasing pace. It can help with emotional regulation and intelligence, which better prepares children for the demands of adolescence and adulthood. Mindfulness can also help parents be better at parenting, at letting go of the stress of daily life so that they can be present for their children. This session will touch on how to introduce mindfulness with younger students, and how to put it to use yourself.

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Willard, PsyD

One Good Friend: Strategies for Parents and Students to Prevent Bullying

Target Audience: Grades K – 8

This workshop for parents of elementary and middle school students will focus on practical strategies for preventing bullying, and will include information from MAAV’s bullying prevention education programs with students. The primary message of the workshop is that bystanders have tremendous power to make a difference in stopping bullying. Many targets of bullying state that the inaction of bystanders hurts even more than the bullying itself. Come learn a range of safe, realistic and effective strategies that active bystanders of all ages can use to support targets of bullying and promote a culture of respect.

Presenter: Rebecca Mooney, Melrose Alliance Against Violence

Parenting Your Child’s Personality

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 12

Each child is born with talents and challenges. During this workshop, you will be given tools and strategies to parent your child’s temperament and personality. You will learn valuable ways to nurture your child’s particular strengths, and to better understand their temperament. With this knowledge you will be more able to help your child develop competencies to become their most successful self.

Presenter: Sam Healy, LICSW

Positive discipline: a Relationship and Strength Based Approach to Parenting

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 12

In this workshop, caregivers will learn a practical strategy and specific techniques for teaching children the behaviors, values and skills they need for academic and social emotional success, as well as how to set limits without negativity, big reactions or punitive measures.

Presenter: Sam Healy, LICSW

Project Impact

Target Audience: Grades PreK- 12

This presentation is led by the Project IMPACT (Individuals Making Positive Actions Count Today) group at MVMMS. Levering the expertise of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Melrose Alliance Against Violence (MAAV), Project Impact empowers student leaders to become agents of change. The students address issues such as prejudice, bias, bullying and other social justice related concerns. Please come prepared to participate in student-led activities. The student leaders will facilitate a series of activities and conversations that may challenge your own sense of bias and social justice.

Presenters: Project Impact student leaders

Adam Azia, English Teacher, Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School

Chelsea Slosberg, English Teacher, Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School

‘Real Talk’ with Superintendent Taymore

Target Audience: Grades PreK – 12

Your chance to hear the answers to your questions for Superintendent Taymore in a comfortable small group setting. Questions will be solicited via email prior to the event to allow for anonymity.

Presenter: Superintendent Cyndy Taymore

Restorative Justice

Target Audience: Grades PreK-12

Restorative Justice focuses on repairing harm done to people and relationships, rather than on assigning blame and doling out “consequences.” For schools it is a paradigm shift that changes the emphasis from coercing good behavior through the threat of punishment to building, nurturing and repairing relationships. The underlying idea is that students will be happier, less stressed, more cooperative and more productive when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them. This workshop will give an overview of how RJ is being used in schools, as well as the opportunity to experience a community-building circle first hand.

Presenters: Ani Breay, MAT

Beth Hampson, EdM

Social Media for Parents: The Apps Your Kids are Using

Target Audience: Grades 4 – 12

Learn about the social media apps your children might be using, and how you can help to keep them safe online. This lesson will explain and demonstrate some of the most popular social media apps, and discuss some of the safety and privacy settings that are available within them.

Presenter: Josh Dick, SDM Foundation

Talking with Teens

Target Audience: Grades 6 – 12

What values do you have about dating, sex, and safety which you hope to instill in your adolescent son or daughter?? This interactive workshop will provide insight into the minds of teenagers and aims to foster conversation between parents and their teens about dating and relationships, sex, safety, and everything in between. Parents will be able to understand their children’s behaviors in the context of adolescent development while drawing on each other’s knowledge for opportunities to engage with youth.

Presenters: (tbd) from the Safe Steps for Melrose Project, a partnership between MAAV, the Melrose Public Schools, Melrose Police Department, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and other community agencies to promote safe and healthy relationships

The 21st Century Student’s Day — what does your elementary student do at school?

Target Audience: Grades PreK-5

Do you ask your child the same questions every day after school: How was your day? What did you do? The answers are rarely illuminating. This session sheds light on how and what students learn in elementary school, and why its so different from how we learned when we were in school. This glimpse through the window will allow you to ask better questions each day, as well as provide the knowledge you need to support your student.

Presenter: Erin Hogan, Instructional Coach, Melrose Public Schools

Tips, Strategies, and Supports for Your English Language Learner

Target Audience: Grades K – 5

This workshop is for parents whose children are learning English as a second or third language. It will cover ways in which their students are supported in both learning a new language and the curriculum. The teachers will also provide an overview of the assessment process. Curriculum materials and classroom work samples will be available.

Presenters: Carolyn McElligott, ESL Teacher, Lincoln School

Alexandra Cooke, ESL Teacher, Lincoln School