Public Forum: Data in the Classroom | March 26, 2014

By on March 12, 2014

How K-5 educators are using student assessments
to improve teaching and learning

Access the presentation slides here.

Wednesday, March 26 at 7:00 pm
Roosevelt School Cafeteria

Student assessments are becoming part of daily life in the classroom. But what do educators do with information about how and what students learn? And how does the application of this data impact your child’s classroom experience?

In this informative and interactive forum, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Margaret Adams will explain what types of data are collected, how that information is used by elementary school teachers and administrators, and why meaningful assessment data is critical to improving teaching strategies to meet students’ needs.

Following the presentation, parents will play the role of educators: they will assess student work for themselves and learn how to interpret that data to inform classroom instruction.

This forum will answer:

  • How (and how often) is my child being assessed in the classroom?
  • What skills and knowledge are being measured?
  • What do teachers and principals do with the data they gather?
  • How do educators turn data into useful information to add value to my child’s learning experiences?
  • What is “flexible grouping” and “differentiated learning” and how are these practices being used in my child’s classroom?
  • What short- and long-term impact does this data have on my child’s classroom experience, placement in future classes, and academic record?
  • How can I, as a parent, use this data to help my child progress?