By on November 20, 2015

Grant Year:  2014-2015
Recipients: Rob Mahoney (lead), Hannah Reagan, and Amy Dylengoski, MVMMS 6th Grade Social Studies Teachers

Students were able to practice skills in different way than was previously possible; it made the learning fun.”

– Rob Mahoney

The sixth grade social studies teachers were able to purchase WorldWise Geography Card Games for Africa, Asia and the Americas.  The teachers had been searching for innovative ways to enhance curriculum materials, and encourage student engagement.  The games provided a challenging method for students to test their mental map skills.  To date, the card games have been used to review material for final exams at the end of the school year and the teachers will continue to use the games at various times throughout the school year to preview and review world regions.

“Many students reported that it was like other games they had played with friends or family (UNO, Go Fish), and that they were “actually having fun!” Thank you for providing us the opportunity to enhance our curriculum materials!” said Mahoney.