By on October 30, 2015

Grant Year: 2014-2015
Recipient: Tom Scudder, Library Media Specialist, Melrose High School

My original intention was to simply provide the library with a reliable and portable workstation… I accomplished much more than that. Beyond simple library work, I was able to interact wirelessly with all my projectors, work remotely… and even revamp a global language project.”

– Tom Scudder, Library Media Specialist, Melrose High School

This Melrose Ed Foundaiton grant provided MHS’s Library Media Specialist with funding for a new MacBook Air. In large part due to the renovations to MHS library space, flexibility is essential to Tom’s productivity. This grant allowed him to expand his reach beyond the traditional four walls of the library and begin to develop an expanded information skills program throughout the high school.

In addition to traditional library workstation advantages, Tom used his laptop to integrate screen casting into the Global Language department at MHS, allowing students to record presentations for viewing at a later date as well as storing for teaching purposes.

“Technology is an absolute ‘must have’ for all teachers in the high school. This grant met and exceeded my goals,” added Scudder.