By on October 30, 2015

Grant Year: 2014-2015
Recipients: Adam Azia, Grade 7 ELA Teacher, and Charesah Agha, 7th Grade Special Education Teacher
We were able to incorporate cold reading strategies into our classroom the week after the conference.”
— Adam Azia, 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Strong reading comprehension skills will be important throughout students’ education and future careers. This grant enabled two teachers to attend the workshop “Content-Area Literacy: Comprehension, Collaboration, and Inquiry.” Based on strategies presented at the conference, students use modeling and visualization tools to better make connections, ask questions, and determine the importance of different reading passages.
The benefits in the classroom were immediate. While the strategies were initially demonstrated using familiar texts, Azia sees the potential to expand how the students practice using these tools. “I plan to challenge the kids to bring in any text. It will add excitement to modeling how I utilize good reading strategies.”