By on October 3, 2015

Grant Year: 2014-2015
Recipients: Kim Talbot, Global Language Director, Melrose High School

The freshman seminar teachers are moving more and more toward using 21st century tools, such as Chromebooks, to guide students toward connecting their high school experience to the real world”

— Kim Talbot, Global Language Director

The purchase of Chromebooks and wireless access points enabled students to participate in their learning experience in an equitable way. Guided by library media specialist, freshman seminar teachers accessed tools that employed research tools such as college and career planning units.

The grant provided a resource that benefited all departments and nearly every high school student was impacted since the Chromebooks were available to all students when not used by the freshman seminar classes.

“I anticipate the freshman seminar program will build even more units that incorporate inquiry and research in the future,” said Talbot. “This grant provided a resource that is not directly tied to any department, yet supports them all. Without this grant, there would not have been as equitable experiences for our grade 9 students. On behalf of all the freshman seminar teachers, thank you!”